Presentation Materials – Fall 2014 Workshop and Conference

Files used in the presentations such us power point files, documents and/or pdf files from handouts and other resources

“From Print to Digital in the Foreign Language Classroom” – Sonia Estima with Natalia Barley and Edgar Roca ( File 1  and File 2 )

“Petrified Errors: Why Common Errors Persist and How to Evade them?” – Jasmin Banic  ( File 1 )

“How Different Kinds of Japanese Characters on Sake Labels Appeal to Americans” – Takako Nishikawa ( File 1 )

“The Use of Female Sentence-Final Particles in Japanese TV Dramas” – Mika Sawada ( File 1 and File 2 )

“Comprehensible Input for Optimal Acquisition and Fluency” – Contee Seely ( File 1 )

“Using Active Reading and Listening Approach in Foreign Language Instruction” – Robin Berube with Tatjana Mitrovic ( File 1 )

“Speaking Contests as a Tool to Promote Language Proficiency” – Tatyana Neronova ( File 1 )

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