President’s Page, Fall 2020

Dear FLANC Members,

Wendy Tu, FLANC President

At the time of writing, Covid-19 and systemic injustice are both on the global front.  FLANC is rising to the challenges ahead.  A mini virtual conference will take place on Saturday, October 3, 2020.  “Diversity and Languages” is the conference theme.  Dr. Betty Lou Leaver and Dr. Christine Campbell are the Keynote Speakers.  FLANC will collaborate with AATSP-NorCal and Stanford University through Alice A. Miano and Citlalli Del Carpio.  The event will be free to FLANC members.  Your and your colleagues’ participation is key to the event’s success.

FLANC was founded by Cecilia Ross at UC Berkeley in 1951.  During the Board meeting on June 13, 2020, Sandra Sanborn was honored with the Life Membership Award for her selfless and countless contributions to FLANC in the past decades as Secretary and President, serving two full terms.  America Salazar, Derrick Leonard and I have accepted the duties and responsibilities as your new VP, Secretary and President.  Hanan Khaled, Henri Simon Blanc and Valerie Mendoza have joined the Executive Council.  There are traditions to carry on and to progress further.  For the many weekends in the coming next two years, I’ll be working with individuals, project teams and committees on the following organizational priorities.  Thank you, volunteers, for giving your time and gifts!

  1. Faculty SupportFLANC Virtual Conference 2020
    • Newsletter (Francisco C. Zermeno)
    • Website (Branka Sarac)
    • Affiliated Organizations
    • Connections
    • Grants and Awards
      • The Cecilia Ross Teacher of the Year Award
      • The Gisele Hart New Membership Award
      • The Alexandra C. Wallace Grant
      • Norm’s Page
  2. Technology Integration
  3. Shared Governance
  4. Stewardship

Together we learn to foster greater student success in foreign languages.  Stay tuned and stay thriving at home.  Thank you!

Wendy Tu

Your FLANC President

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