Cecilia Ross Teacher of the Year

In order to enrich your teaching of foreign languages, all members of FLANC are encouraged to apply for the Cecilia Ross Memorial Grant. The next Award will be made in the Spring of 2012.

If we trace the history of the Foreign Language Association of Northern California from its inception up to the present, we find one name continually and predominantly appearing on every page of that history. That name is Cecilia Ross. In 1951, Cecilia and two colleagues founded the Foreign Language Association of Northern California, to which she brilliantly and consistently contributed her talent, time and energy right up to the day of her fatal accident in June 1989.

Cecilia made FLANC the effective and dynamic force it is today among teachers of foreign languages in Northern California. Her teaching, her research and her vigorous interest in every aspect of foreign language curricula at every level of instruction made Cecilia Ross an outstanding leader in foreign language education not only in the state of California, but nationwide as well. Her years of selfless devotion and service to students and colleagues revealed how many great accomplishments one person can make who has such a deep love and understanding of his or her chosen profession. Among her many gifts, her ability to communicate her knowledge and love of the learning and teaching of foreign languages is most to be remembered and to be praised.

Cecilia Ross filled every office and served on every committee with unstinting energy and devotion. The excellence of the Newsletter is owed to her early leadership as editor. Her editorials and articles which appeared in so many issues are the highlights of numerous years of this publication. Because of her vast and intimate knowledge of every detail of the functions of FLANC, she provided its Executive Council with guidance that enabled its members to serve well the needs of fellow teachers in the various language affiliates that make up the membership of FLANC.

In honor of Cecilia and her many creative contributions to the growth and enhancement of foreign language teaching and research in California, a Cecilia Ross Memorial Grant was created by the FLANC Executive Board in 1989. Since the creation of the Award, nine outstanding teachers have been chosen as recipients: 1990, Laurie Rodgers, Pacific Grove High; 1992, Stephen Covey, Sunnyvale Middle School, Sunnyvale; 1995, Wendy Ruebman, Albany High, Albany; 1996, Anne McCormick, U.C. Berkeley, and Sheree Lin, Cal State University of Hayward; 1997, Rebecca Shirah, Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep. of San Francisco; 1998, Lynda Southwick, Mendocino College, Ukiah; Ignacio González of Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep of San Francisco, and 2001, Lois M. Moore from San Marín High School.

These winners received the award for a project which was designed to enhance their professional growth, skills, and knowledge in the teaching of languages and culture. The projects of these teachers included the production of slides, videos or other special studies in literature, art and a variety of local customs.

To keep alive the spirit of Cecilia Ross, especially to continue her inspiration in furthering the enrichment of foreign language teaching, you are urged to apply for the Cecilia Ross Memorial Grant created to honor a woman who was herself a great and talented teacher.

The Award is up to $500. The Award Winners will be contacted by September 30 and announced at the FLANC Fall Conference.

Please send your nomination with a short statement explaining the reason for your nomination.

Thank you for your submission.

Mail to:
J. Francisco Zermeño C.
P.O.Box 92,
Mount Eden, CA 94557-0092

or by email to: machetez@sbcglobal.net