Awards & Grants

Apply for the Cecilia Ross Memorial Grant created to honor a woman who was herself a great and talented teacher: In order to enrich your teaching of foreign languages, all members of FLANC are encouraged to apply for the Cecilia Ross Memorial Grant. The next award will be granted in the Spring of 2011.  With this grant, we honor the truly great and talented teacher who initiated the idea of a language teachers’ organization based in California.

Apply for the Gisèle Hart FLANC Membership Award: Gisèle Hart was a truly dedicated and inspiring master teacher who mentored two generations of beginning French teachers.  With this award, we honor her many years of teacher training and her tireless service to FLANC.

Norm’s Page: On this page, we gather and present information about current scholarships and grants.  Norm Litz served as President of FLANC and is best remembered for his decades of service as its very efficient Treasurer.