The Alexandra C. Wallace Essay Contest

Alexandra C. Wallace always believed that one’s education had to encompass a foreign language and mastery of it. She was a graduate of UC Berkeley and then pursued a career with Pan Am and United Airlines for twenty-four years. Her skills in business and languages, mainly French, Spanish, and Cantonese led her to great achievements throughout her career. She unselfishly gave of her time as a volunteer at the Princess Alexandra Orphanage in Kowloon, Hong Kong and at several other charitable foundations. She stressed education, assisted many young children and youth in striving towards and achieving their goals. Although diabetes severely shortened her life, her legacy is now available in grants and awards to those who will be selected by the FLANC Committee to continue their studies in foreign language.

Alexandra C. Wallace Essay Contest, 2018

Topic: How studying a world language has enriched your life?


  • First Prize $500.00
  • Second Prize $300.00

What to Submit:

  • Give your essay a title
  • Address the topic thoroughly in English
  • 300 words minimum, 500 words maximum
  • Typed and double-spaced in a doc file


  • High school junior or senior
  • Three continuous years of high school same language study (current coursework counts)

How to Submit & Deadline: One letter of recommendation from your teacher, who must be a member of FLANC; teacher sends the letter by email to

 Submit your essay with a cover letter by May 1, 2018; attach these as doc files to an email to